Android TV Box


Step 1 Open up PlayStore on your android box and in search area type STB Emu and click install. Creator should show as Maxim Vasilchuk. (Note: As you can see above, it is a Free app and contains ads. Pro version of this app is the same except for No Ads, and It enables you to use MAG App Control. This includes features like Play/Pause the stream, Fast forward, Keyboard search, and On-screen display.)

Step 2 Open the app once installed.

Step 3 Click some where on the screen (if using firestick click button with 3 lines on your remote) and control buttons will appear. Then from the top right click on the drop down menu sign and click settings

Step 4 Select Profiles and Select where it says New Profile. You can rename the under portal name if you want as well. 

Step 5 Select Portal Settings and it will take you to another page. Click on Portal URL.

Step 6 Now this is where we place the URL that you received after making the purchase. Type the URL letter by letter making sure its correct, click OK and go back.

Step 7 From Profile Settings page, choose STB Configuration.

Step 8 You will need to send the MAC Address from this page to us either through the chat, reply to the email you got, or text.  This will ensure your device is connected to our service. You can send a picture of the page or type it. 

Step 9 Now go all the way back to the main screen of the app and from the top right drop down menu sign, go to Profile and click on the profile you just configured.

Step 10 As an alternative to step 10, it is also possible to click on the menu sign on the top left and from the drop down menu choose Reload Portal. Since we only have one portal profile configured, it will reload that one automatically. It is sometimes necessary to reload portal due to changes being made or to sort a glitch.

Step 11 If all properly setup, portal should be loading and once loaded will be categorized form of a Mag Box. There you can choose between TV (Live TV Channels) categories and Video club (Movies on Demand)