Mag Box


If you already have service running on mag box skip network setup.

Step 1 Connect the box to the internet. If you want a wired connection just add the internet cable to the box. For WiFi setup, go into the settings of your Mag device.

Step 2 Now go into the System Settings.

Step 3 Next go into the Network settings. Here you can connect with your WiFi Network. Make sure you have a connection and the password and network are correct.

Step 4 You need to send us the box Mac Address which can be found under the mag box on sticker. You can either send it on chat, reply to email, or text.

Step 5 Go Back in the systems settings and click Server.

Step 6 From here select Portals.

Step 7 Go to Portal 1 name and you can write anything as it is just for reference.

Step 8 In Portal 1 url put in the portal url you received in the email we sent. Portal 2 can be left blank unless you want to add another service from another provider.

Step 9 Go back to the system settings menu and click restart portal. If the device is connected to a network, the correct MAC address activated, and the right portal URL has been entered then you’ll should see the yellow loading bar.

Step 10 Once loaded will be categorized form of a Mag Box. There you can choose between TV (Live TV Channels) categories and Video club (Movies on Demand).